The company focuses on the implementation of railway transport in Germany and on cross-border transport through the western border of Poland. It specializes in bulk goods transportation, such as fuel, aggregates, chemicals, steel, household appliances, wood, coal, biomass, containers, and many others. The company is distinguished by the ability to coordinate and support the transportation along the entire route of transport, including the countries of western and southern Europe. The major customers of the CTL Logistics GmbH include fuel concerns, and companies from the energy, chemical, and household appliances industry.

    Unique services provided by the CTL Logistics are international transports without the necessity of changing engines at the border. Due to the use of modern multi-system engines, the freight trains of the CTL Logistics have direct access to German or Dutch railways. This unique operational model, implemented by the CTL Logistics GmbH, enables the company to precisely plan and track shipment both in Germany and Poland.

  • Board of Management

    Jarek Król

    Member of the Board

    Artur Nowakowski

    Member of the Board

    The CTL Logistics GmbH provides services of:

    • railway transportation of bulk goods in Germany,
    • cross-border transports of bulk goods between Poland and Germany,
    • intermodal transportation,
    • lease and maintenance of the rolling stock,
    • customs and forwarding service.


    Connections operated by CTL Logistics GmbH

  • CTL Logistics GmbH
    Kurfürstenstraße 112-113
    10787 Berlin
    Phone no.:
    +49 30 200 95 00
    Trade Office in Düsseldorf
    Hansaallee 247 b
    40549 Düsseldorf
    Phone no.:
    +49 211 520 646 13