The CTL Logistics Group is a universal international logistic operator. Its activity is based on railway transportation with the use of own rolling stock and infrastructure.

    Goods transported by the CTL Logistics:

    • steel
    • chemicals
    • wood
    • containers
    • household appliances
    • shale
    • coke
    • FMCG
    • biomass
    • fuel
    • aggregates
    • coal

  • International railway transportation

    Transports executed by the CTL Logistics Sp. z o.o. in the European network – both from the West and from the East. In cooperation with the CTL Logistics GmbH company, we conduct cross-border transports both importing and exporting goods through the western border of Poland.

    We are distinguished by the ability to coordinate and support transportation along the entire route of transport, including the countries of western and southern Europe. The CTL Logistics Sp z o.o. also carries out railway transportation from the East: from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. In the international relationships, the CTL Logistics specializes in transporting bulk goods, such as fuel, aggregates, chemicals, steel, household appliances, wood, coal, biomass, containers, and many others. The organization of railway transport in Europe is executed with the participation of companies of the CTL Group located in particular countries. The European strategy of the CTL Logistics encompasses the increase in the logistic efficiency and the support of the Russia – Belarus – Poland – Germany – other European countries stream of goods.

  • For this particular direction, we have built and are still developing the transportation corridor, necessary infrastructure of terminals and warehouses for the comprehensive management of the stream of goods. In 2011, our potential has been enriched with the BielPolLogistics bulk terminal in Belarus-Bakuny.

    Domestic railway transportation

    The transports carried out by the CTL Logistics Sp. z o.o. in Poland and by the CTL Logistics GmbH in Germany. The main customers of the company are coal and aggregate mining concerns, fuel concerns, chemical plants, producers of household appliances, FMCG logistics, energy companies, container operators, and many others.

    The implementation of railway transportation in Poland and Germany is performed comprehensively along with the service of transshipment processes, railway sidings, and bulk terminals, including sea ports. Our company specializes in transporting coal, coke, fuel, chemicals, aggregates, scrap, containers, wood, biomass, household appliances, and many other bulk products. One of the key elements of the further development is transportation and logistics activity in Poland and Germany. 

  • This is an area for a wide development of our services, additionally in the field of intermodal transportation, scattered traffic, and cross-border transports between Poland and Germany. The transporting activity is also developing by the expansion to the countries neighbouring with Poland and Germany.

    Regional railway transportation

    The transports carried out by the companies of the CTL Logistics Group in particular regions of Poland, dedicated to specialized needs of industrial customers. They include the service of technological transportation of such entities as coal mines, power plants, construction companies, chemical plants, refineries, sea ports, and bulk terminals.

    Within regional transports, the CTL Logistics Group supports, among other things, transportation of coal between mines and power plants, transportation of filling materials (sand) for coal mining, transportation and adaptation of industrial by-products of coal mining and energy industry, transportation of goods from sea ports, transportation of aggregates for construction industry, transportation of fuels and chemical products.

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