The CTL Logistics is a provider of aggregates for the coal mining and road and industrial construction sectors. Using its potential, the company offers customers the organization of complete logistic chain of supplying aggregates. Within this process, the CTL Logistics combines railway transportation with road transportation, providing its customers Loco ex works deliveries from the company or investment in all conditions of available infrastructure.

    The permanent element of the offer of the CTL Logistics is quartz sand coming from the company’s own mine in Sosnowiec. This aggregate is used in coal mining as a filling material, in construction industry as element of production of commercial concrete and mortars and also in road construction and earthwork engineering.

  • The standard offer of the CTL Logistics includes:

    • sand for hydraulic filling,
    • sand for earthworks,
    • sand for road construction.


    The permanent offer of the CTL also includes Carboniferous aggregates from coal mining (spoil), and their technological processing.


    • Carboniferous aggregate 0 - 45 mm,
    • Carboniferous aggregate 45 - 100 mm,
    • Carboniferous aggregate 100 - 250 mm.

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    Sylwester Stolarski

    Sales Manager

    CTL Maczki-Bór SA


    Phone no.:
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