The CTL Logistics possesses a network of repair shops located in Poland, and offers the service of engines and cars.

    In terms of servicing activities, the company has professional repair facilities and specialized staff maintaining the optimal technical condition of engines and cars, along with their comprehensive service.

    As a part of this service, the CTL Logistics also offers specialist trainings in the field of maintaining engines and cars. The extension of this offer, apart from the repair shop service, is an option of emergency repair of engines on the route, modernization and reconstruction of cars according to the needs of customers, and washing and cleaning tank cars, cars, and compact containers.

  • The scope of the service of repair shops

    • periodic inspections of diesel and electric engines: [P1] [P2] [P3],
    • periodic inspections of freight cars (including tankers),
    • emergency repairs of freight cars (including tankers),
    • training employees in the field of maintaining engines and cars [DSU Maintenance System Documentation**],
    • seasonal and monitoring inspections diesel and electric engines,
    • emergency repairs of diesel and electric engines (including repairs on the route*),
    • overhaul of freight cars (including tankers).

  • The scope of the service of tanker washing

    • washing and cleaning (internal and external) of road and rail tankers after the transport of industrial chemicals (with the exception of Classes 1 and 7) and foods,
    • washing and cleaning series T and F dump cars and open freight cars,
    • washing and cleaning of 1000 l containers and other compact containers,
    • passivation (staining) of containers,
    • cleaning, regeneration, recycling, purchase, and sales of pallet tanks, barrels, and other packages made of PE and PP,
    • washing and cleaning of truck tractors (including washing motors),
    • internal and external washing of silos, tarped semitrailers, and other means of transportation.

  • Contact the service of repair shops


    Adam Uliniarz

    Manager for the CTL Logistics Group Repair Shops


    Phone no.:
    (32) 239 40 66
    Mobile phone no.:

    608 285 141