intermodal transport segment "Intermodal transport is a vital product in the portfolio of the services provided by the CTL Logistics Group. The company supports the streams of goods between sea ports, bulk land terminals and customers’ railway sidings.

    The CTL Logistics Group carries intermodal transportation using its own logistic potential of an international operator and various branches of transportation. Among the partners of the CTL Logistics are the largest ship-owner companies, international forwarders, and terminals.

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  • Services for the companies from the intermodal transport segment


    • Transportation (railway, road)
    • Unloading and transshipment in terminals and railways sidings
    • Storage and redistribution
    • Service and construction of railway and road infrastructure
    • Last mile service
    • Shipping and custom duty service
    • Management of container flow and triangulation
    • Cross-border transportation: Poland – Western Europe, Poland – the East

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  • Contact the Manager of Intermodal Transport Segment

    Manager of Intermodal Transport Segment

    Manager of Intermodal Transport Segment

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