energy segment "The CTL Logistics offers a comprehensive logistic service dedicated to the companies from the energy segment. In order to handle the supply for power plants and heat and power stations, the CLT Group combined its entire potential in the field of logistic service in sea ports and land terminals, railway and road transportation, storage, and distribution. The logistics of the transportation of fuels for the segment is based on numerous variants systematically selected by the CTL depending on the needs and conditions of the supply locations and recipients."

    Manager of Energy Segment CTL Logistics Sp. z o.o.
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  • Services for the companies from the energy segment


    schemat segment energetyczny

    • Transportation of fuels (road, railway, sea)
    • Transportation of waste (railway, road)
    • Distribution of solid fuels (coal, biomass)
    • Storing and buffering solid fuels
    • Management and service of railway sidings
    • Service of unloading machinery
    • Service of the carburization process (managing the coal reserve in stock, providing coal for the production)
    • Collecting and adapting the waste form the combustion process
    • Service and construction of railway and road infrastructure
    • Shipping and custom duty service
    • Leasing and servicing of the rolling stock
    • Cross-border transportation: Poland – Western Europe, Poland – the East

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    Manager of Energy Segment

    Manager of Energy Segment

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